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Yogic Arts Kula


Yogic Arts is the system. Kula means school. During Duncan's training days in California in the 1980's and 1990's was at the time when traditional Astanga Vinyasa expanded into several paths of Vinyasa yoga that swept the globe. Vinyasa Yoga further developed to strict forms of creative flow sequencing that were based on asanas derived from Astanga, Iyengar and other systems of that time, such as Sivananda.


Duncan and a few other yogi warriors with backgrounds in combative arts and deep Zen Buddhist teachings emerged to form their own warrior style flow systems, that was based on their understanding of the Warrior stance's structuring and the Warrior life code that they saw in the yamas and other yogic scriptural wisdom.


By chance and perseverance, Duncan's Yogic Arts system was canonised in a series of award-winning American videos, artistically shot in Hollywood California, and became the first and most world recognised Western Warrior Flow system.


Duncan is clear to use the term Western because the ancient Indian Yogic Arts was established from prehistory, with a rich lineage that spans back to the untold millennium. Along with his image of an advanced Astanga pose on the cover of, at that time, the only recognised yoga magazine in the world, being the original American Yoga Journal, which introduced Astanga Vinyasa to the world yoga audience in January 1995. From that introduction, the world embraced Duncan as Master Wong, and he uses that title to encourage everyone to begin the master path. He says, 'Master the movement; master the mind.'


Today, this Warrior Flow has evolved from its roots to become is the standard practice in the world today.



Yogic Arts Kula is the world recognized yoga school that exists wherever Duncan, the original warrior flow master teaches his method. His 200-hour global program has produced and influenced many of the greatest new generation teachers in the world today. Yogic Arts is the system that was born from the experience and passion of Duncan and the many practitioners that share his system around the globe.


Yogic Arts Kula is a registered RYT200 (Registered Yoga Teacher 200-hour course) Certification school within the globally recognised Yoga Alliance institution.

Yogic is the Sanskrit term that explains the actions and techniques that produce the state of yoga; or oneness of being.


Arts encompasses the spectrum of self-expression, from fine arts and the art of dance to the world of martial arts and its complimentary healing arts, which ranges from holistic to contemporary medicine.

Kula is the ancient Sanskrit term that defines both the school of thought and its practising community.

The YOGIC ARTS KULA RYT200 is a complete teacher training certification course that is separated into two programs:

Level1, Flow Foundation

Level 2, Flow Therapy; each building upon one another to form a strong sense of mastery with a lifetime of unfolding to more deeply understand ourself, the practice, and how to teach it to others.


Welcome to the Yogic Arts Kula and your master path. It begins now!


112 hrs (105 Contact hrs + 7) TECHNIQUES, TRAINING & PRACTICE:

Standing and Seated Asanas: 21 hrs
Pranayama and Bandha: 21 hrs
Vinyasa Chikitsa: 21 hrs
Kriya and Mudra: 21 hrs
Mantra and Meditation 21 hrs
7 Non-Contact hrs (Teaching Public Community Classes)
112 total

29 hrs (27 Contact hrs + 2) TEACHING METHODOLOGY:

Demonstration Ability 6 hrs
Observational Correction Training 6 hrs
Standing, Seated and Reclined Asana Adjustments: 7.5 hrs
Yoga Business Coaching Concepts 7.5 hrs
2 Non-Contact hrs (Evaluation of Outside Yoga Classes)
29 total

20 hrs (18 Contact hrs + 2) ANATOMY and PHYSIOLOGY:

Yogic Anatomy Energetics (Chakras, Nadis, Koshas) 9 hrs
Basic Human Anatomy and Physiology (Body Systems and Functions) 9 hrs
2 Non-Contact hrs (Written Assignments)
20 total

30 hrs (25 Contact hrs + 4) YOGA PHILOSOPHY, LIFESTYLE and ETHICS:

Patanjali's Ashtanga (Raja Yoga) Yogic Ethical Principles 12.5 hrs
Sustainable Lifestyle Lecture and Practices 12.5 hrs
4 Non-Contact hrs (Attending Kirtan Chanting Group Activities)
29 total

10 hrs (5 Contact hrs +5) PRACTICUM:

Mock Class Teaching Experience 2.5 hrs
Assisting Class and Master Feedback 2.5 hrs
5 Non-Contact hrs (Teaching Public Community Classes)
10 total

200 Grand total (180 Contact Hours, 20 Non-Contact Hours)

Duncan Wong Yogic Arts Kula
All rights reserved 2014

Yoga Alliance Certified:

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